Pin Loom Weaving

Pin Loom Weaving

For me to say that I love pin loom weaving is a vast understatement.  I have played and worked with the pin loom for more than a decade and continue to find it piques my curiosity and satisfies my desire for experimentation.  It makes great fabric and clothing!  

I have authored an e-book about pin loom weaving, from Interweave: Pin Loom Pathways 

The process of weaving a pin loom square is simple, and the resulting 4" piece of cloth is sometimes called a "Weavie".   The looms are available on Ebay and from yarn shops new, going by the name "Zoom Loom".  Older versions have been known as "Weave It" and "Weavette".   I have used mine for many many hours and in no way begrudge it's cost.  What price such happiness?   Many different fibers -- threads and yarns -- can be used, and every resulting cloth is unique.

I invite you to look further at a few of the things that the pin loom and I have made.  It is a happy companion that can be taken anywhere.  Where my 4 harness loom cannot go, with my pin loom does!


Also on the menu is my second book, "The Pin Loom Primer", now available here and through Etsy.